O que são diamantes no free fire? e como ganha-los ?

Diamantes e uma coisa que tudo mundo fala , e o que todo o mundo quer ganhar e não ter de gastar dinheiro a comprar , mas na realidade o que são diamantes no free fire e para que servem? Essa e a questão que vamos esclarecer hoje.

O Free Fire

Free Fire na loja para fazer donwloads

O Free Fire é um jogo de telemóvel totalmente grátis que está disponível nas plataformas Android e IOS. O seu lançamento foi no dia 4 de dezembro de 2017 , é e um jogo que podemos jogar com qualquer pessoa em qualquer parte do mundo , o que significa que e multiplayer.

Em 2018 era jogado por mais de 7 milhões de jogadores e tendo ganho o premio de melhor jogo na aplicação PlayStore que é compatível com a plataforma Android. Tendo também em 2018 a esmagadora de 182 milhões de downloads.

O jogo consiste em entrarem num avião com 50 jogadores de qualquer parte do mundo , tem de esperar um certo tempo , depois podem saltar do avião e apartir dai começa a “sobrevivência” que consiste em achar armas e recursos para se manter vivo , o que conseguir sobreviver até ao fim ganha , ira enfrentar muitas batalhas é até temer pela sua própria vida isto claro tudo dentro do jogo como é obvio.

Para que serve os diamantes no jogo??

Diamantes servem para gastar por exemplo na loja

Para compramos tudo dentro do jogo como por exemplo skins temos de ter diamantes , e há duas formas de os adquirir que já iremos falar em baixo , mas basicamente e como nos precisamos de dinheiro para viver , para comer e tudo isso ne galera , no jogo e igual para termos uma boa conta para ganhar e com boas skins e personagens temos de ter muitos diamantes se não não somos ninguém no jogo e claro todos queremos e jogamos para ganhar e não para não ganhar.

Então o melhor e ao inicio ir jogando e não aziar por perder pois o jogo já saiu a alguns anos e há pessoas que tem contas muito mais fortes a pala disso mesmo , mas você também consegue basta se aplicar e é possível ganhar diamantes sem sequer gastar dinheiro.

Como obter ganhar diamantes

Loja para comprar diamantes

Para você ganhar diamantes há duas formas , uma delas não os ganha mas sim compra-os , a outra e que pode ganhar em sorteios e giveaways que muitos youtubers , streamers fazem e até mesmo sites como o nosso , mas para isso precisa ter muita sorte porque normalmente são milhares de pessoas a querer o mesmo , mas relaxa porque também ganha diamantes em eventos do próprio jogo e também obviamente jogando normalmente mas assim você vai demorar muito tempo , a melhor coisa a fazer e mesmo ir comprando conforme você vai podendo ou então participar no giveaway , mas isso já vai da sua sorte.

Comente ai em baixo se você ja ganhou diamantes e se quer ganhar!

Se quiser e so comentar #Mascotasss

What is a GIFT CARD ?? where can i USE?

A gift card is basically a card that we buy at a physical store, more usual for those who do not want to be putting their card on the internet world then make the purchase of a gift card at a kiosk or a stationery store.

There are several prices for gift cards and they can be used especially in the google play application where we can buy applications or games, but it is also used to put money at stake, for example in the free fire to buy diamonds or some skin or character.

There is 15 $ which is clearly equivalent to the same in the playstore application or in the game, 25 $, 50 $ and 100 $, at the moment there are only these, in the future this may change as the world is always updating, normally, but it also varies from parent to parent, but usually the values ​​are these.

It is a good way for those who are afraid to put their data on the internet, so it is protected and you can still buy what you wanted, without running any risk, since gift cards are bought in physical stores and not online stores.

There are also many sweepstakes where you can also win a gift card, many youtubers and streamers do this in order to compensate their subscribers for everything they have already done for them. also clear and I need to be lucky for that to happen but only to participate and you can win

In conclusion, if you want to buy something in your game in a 100% secure way, you have gift cards that are physically purchased as previously said and is the same as carrying money by card or paypal or something like that.

Comment below what you think about this and if you use this form or prefer to associate an account rather than using this 100% secure method.

Turning Gossip Into Gold

Face reality, gossip is everywhere – among friends, at home, at work or even in the media. We’ve all done it.

Some of them were just chatting about “la sex” and “City” girlfriends: “Oh, did you see the beautiful man she took to the party last night? All I can say is, ‘Go girl!'” News reports about this, that and one more event as a form of informal conversation.

Then there is the common gossip: it is harmful for people to talk about others in a negative way, it is destructive.

The third type of gossip, which I call “wait a minute”, is rooted in complaints. This is the gossip that happens around the water dispenser or in happy hour cocktails, or during the phone call with your sister once a week, you tell your story, and you are a good person and others are bad. The problem is, complaining about gossip makes almost no difference. You complain and tell stories to people who have nothing to do with the complaint. The complaint will never be resolved. You just agreed on the seriousness of the matter, which is not the case.

Is this normal? Absolutely, it happens all the time. Will it please you and others? Inspired? happy? No chance. You are absolutely right about the dishonesty of life, that may cause you some trouble right now, but in the end it is still unsatisfying.

But we’re still doing it, aren’t we? According to a recent survey, more than half of our conversations – both men and women – are driven by gossip. But this universal phenomenon comes at a price. In addition to the obvious effects of wasting time and decreasing productivity, there is also the fact that gossip creates a wedge between people, negatively impacts how others perceive you, and weakens your happiness and vitality.

The good news is that you can turn plaintive gossip into things that can really bring you closer to the people in your life. This is how to do it:

1. Pay attention while chatting. Small talk is a habit, meaning you don’t have to think. Practice asking yourself if your speech is making a positive contribution to the conversation or if it is weakening someone. Just pay attention to what comes out of your mouth, that’s half the battle.

2. Determine the complaint. Stop and ask yourself what the complaint is behind the gossip. Does your boss give you more work than you can afford? Will the social plan canceled by your friend at the last minute create tension? Are you complaining to your boyfriend that your spouse is real because you want to get along with him one on one?

3. Give it to the right person. What drives the mountains in this world is the ability to set high standards. Find out what kind of request you can make to resolve the situation that is bothering you, then determine the best person to accept it. If your workload is beyond your workload, instead of complaining to your co-workers, ask your boss to ask them to sit down and prioritize what to do now and what can be put off, by doing someone else, or completely off the to-do list. remove. Rather than sticking to other significant partners, it’s better to ask them directly to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.

People are often amazed that a simple request can easily resolve what previously seemed to be the cause of failure. Practising these steps over time will develop some real power to turn potential gossip into gold – being a person who speaks will open up new possibilities, expanding you and others.

Kill Gossip So It Won’t Kill Your Career

“Have you heard that massive cuts will be made in our department?”

“I think our beloved boss will decide what to do next.”

“Looks like Marvin got a lot of calls, not from his wife.”

Yes, these comments are one of the most dangerous threats in your career. If you choose to participate in listening and spreading company gossip, you have already entered a downward spiral. Consider the following eight reasons: Gossip can threaten your reputation and long-term position in the company.

One: Gossip portrays you as a negative character.

As the creator or disseminator of bad news, you look toxic. You pollute the atmosphere in the workplace. Eventually, some of your colleagues will leave you during meal and coffee breaks.

To make matters worse, your negative outlook will get you close to the bottom of the org chart. why? Businesses need leaders who are supportive, cheerful and seek the best from others.

Two: often gossip is false.

In general, gossip does not mean “gospel truth.” The gossip girl will spread rumors based on rumors and suspicions. That’s why you support a dishonest conversation when you’re involved in something that may not be true. This is disastrous for your image.

Third, gossip is not necessarily confidential.

A colleague told us, “Now you know for sure this is only between you and me, okay?” No, that’s not going to work because the person who told you this may have said the same thing to six other team members.

It should also be noted that when an employee chats with others, despite the confidentiality promise, he or she is likely to quote what you say.

Four: People who gossip about you will gossip about you.

When you listen to opponents in the office and share your comments, what can keep you from falling victim to gossip? No. Once you make your ears and words into that person, you can become the next goal.

Five: Gossip destroys the morale of the group

When morale is low, the CEO starts asking questions until she identifies the employees who are spreading rumors, accusations, hypotheses, and personalities to kill. This can lead to conviction or worse, deportation.

Two ways to kill gossip

There are two easy ways to eliminate gossip and protect your career.

First of all, if a harsh critic of your workplace makes a nasty comment to a co-worker, just say, “Please stop talking about Jim. He is a team member that I highly respect. He has supported me and worked with me since the company in Since I have chosen not to talk about him unless you know for sure now.

Second, insist on document preparation. “You mean that Ellen was involved in the illegal processing of our account. Before we discuss this further, I hope you will provide me with a list of specific transactions and their dates. If you do, I will be careful. Consider your evidence.”

By using these two gossip killers, you can protect your career from defamation.

Office Gossip – Management Creates or Prevents

There are many forms of office gossip, most of which are bad forms, but management sets the tone for each resulting right and wrong. At worst, office gossip is an understatement, from dismissal to prosecution for civil damages are all appropriate punishments. Spreading false information is, of course, harmful to individuals and to workplace culture. Any form of office gossip reflects how management communicates with employees or does not support employees and / or employees.

Employees seek control over work output, the recognition they deserve, and the safety of work and performance. The gossip that is untrue in the workplace undermine employee control, recognition and safety. Most companies have policies in place to resolve office gossip. However, many companies only formulate policies on office gossip, but do not understand how communications and processes prevent or encourage office gossip.

What if the gossip is true? What if the president has an affair with a salesman? What if the director is indeed arrested for drunk driving? What if the CEO tolerates senior management bugging and feeding gossip / rumor factories in the office to protect their turf and / or discredit competitors?

When the corporate culture is unwilling to communicate with people, is impervious to processes that encourage performance output, employee recognition, or work safety, or tolerates bad character behavior, office gossip follows employees’ feelings of rejection by the company, dissatisfaction with their management, and lack of support Organizations can compete for their long-term labor guarantees.

The most recent articles on office gossip are for becoming an employee, which can be true in some situations. However, gossip in the office is a phenomenon in corporate culture and so management has a responsibility to prevent it … not through written policies, but through responsible management behaviors that employees understand, respect, and imitate. The main behavior should be:


Communicate regularly with consistent positive information. Industry trends, organizational changes and their causes, new products, promotions, retirement. Communication and email are just the beginning. The group / team meets quarterly with senior management and shares a brief overview for employees to have questions and answers. If a reasonable question arises, please promise to answer it in a timely manner and make sure it is answered. If the information you want to share is not certain, treat each other fairly and do not mislead.

-Actions rather than words. Management must be visible, accessible and easily accessible. Too many managers hide in the office, avoid employees, and deliberately avoid them when asked reasonable questions. Unfortunately, insecurities and fears among managers are widespread, suggesting that their bosses are hiring cronies without accountability for performance and are unwilling to make the necessary changes in management. If management wants what’s best for the organization, not what’s best for itself, then they have to act accordingly. Saying hello, asking how a project is going and sincerely listening is a must for daily interaction with employees. Study after study shows that most managers think they are doing the right thing, while most employees say the opposite.

Carrots are better than chopsticks. Managers are usually reluctant to admit good performance because they worry they won’t get credit or hurt employees. Employees consistently told the survey that they had heard nine positive and negative opinions from the manager. Praise will create teamwork and respect, and criticism will fall apart.

-Stop internal competition as this only distracts from the attention of the department and employees, preventing them from focusing on core capabilities and customer needs. Performance measurement and rewards should be based on the value brought to customers, rather than the detailed management strategy.


– Take personal responsibility for your performance. Work is a privilege, not a right. Your business must be price and price competitive, which means constant change, including the work performed and the employees required. If you add value, your work is safe … Follow the trend and your work will be very fragile. Small talk diverts your attention to offensive or unexpected small talk, which is often counterproductive.

Gossip Mania

Communication is a continuous process. Everyone communicates with people, birds and even plants. It can be verbal or non-verbal, but we all communicate in some form or another. However, the term “gossip” has become more popular than “communication”. We need good communication skills to communicate and have a good social life. Today, however, small talk are controlled through communication.

Gossip is just gossip or rumors. All over the house, in the office, at school, in college, we find little talkers who spend a lot of time talking about the private affairs of others, which is not important to them.

This is an upward trend. Especially with regard to the private or private affairs of others.
There may be rumors that your boss is about to divorce, or it may be a co-worker arguing with your husband. From TV series to serial killers, from movies to celebrities, none of these have anything to do with us. But we like to talk about others.

People believe that gossip is one of the oldest and most common ways to share facts and opinions. We learn about life with each other through small talk. The facts about each other’s work are made public and the opinions of others about everything else must be known. It even helps to keep up with the latest developments.

In religions like Islam, bribes can harm victims without giving them any chance of defense, just as the dead cannot defend their own flesh. Muslim people should treat each other as brothers. This stems from the Islamic concept that brotherhood should be developed among believers.

Today we find tabloids and TV shows on TV, newspaper rumors, scandals and scandals, and gossip columnists.

Few people are classified as gossipers, they only gossip and others don’t. Women in particular are labeled as gossip queens, they start gupshup in their spare time and fill the devil’s workshop. But men are in the same position in the gossip category, or more.

The Social Issues Research Center (SIRC), a British non-profit think tank, recently interviewed 1,000 cell phone users to discuss how they use their phones to gossip and how gossip affects their lives. All of the women surveyed admitted that “gossip” was a part of their lives, but many male participants initially denied that it was gossip. But the study found that nearly every day 33% of men are addicted to gossip, while only 26% of women are.

Nobody likes to talk about you later. A lot of people say I hate gossip, but everyone does it in one way or another. The transmission of negative information is not always the case, there is also “word of mouth” which is also a form of communication to spread positive information, which is very useful. It follows rumors and gossip.

Gossip Writer – Your New Career – No Kidding

Gossip writing is a category rarely discussed by freelance writers. Of course, we’re all eager to publish articles in The New Yorker, and the School of Journalism doesn’t teach gossip. Almost everyone has gossip. In fact, there is more gossip now than ever before. Their medium is blogs, especially Facebook and other social networking sites, which have replaced old diaries with personal gossip. Most of us are talking about people we know.

There is gossip about celebrities in the media. Hundreds of ‘business blogs’ dedicated to celebrity gossip, most notably ‘Deadline’, ‘Dirty’, ‘Gao Ke’, ‘Hollywood Life’, Jared, Perez Hilton in the ‘Hollywood Daily’, PopSugar, TMZ and more! Some of these blogs pay for skills and employ freelance writers and photographers, but the magazine category offers the greatest opportunity for freelancers.

The most popular celebrity news magazines are People, American Weekly, Stars, and Entertainment Weekly. People with a circulation of more than 3.5 million did not call themselves tabloids, but competed with others for celebrities. Famous fashion covers In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly (both published by the German company Bauer), People StyleWatch and InStyle (both published by Time, Inc.), as well as all high circulation male and female monthly magazines, youth monthly magazines. The decline in advertising in recent years has resulted in a decline in the workforce of most magazines. Editors are increasingly turning to freelancers, including freelancers in magazines previously written almost entirely by employees.

Celebrities aren’t just in the entertainment industry. Celebrities include VIPs in government, sports, food, real estate, business, media, and other fields. “Vanity Fair” (Vanity Fair) covers all these areas well. “Vanity Fair” is published by Condé Nast This monthly magazine collaborates with many well-known American freelance writers. You may not be ready to take part in Vanity Fair, but you should read it to get an understanding of the celebrity coverage. The best-selling newsagent “Metropolis” is a paradise for small talk, as is New York and other regional magazines, as well as Interview and other short-run magazines.

Perhaps your first thought about gossip magazines is one of the grocery store tabloids. The national questioner was the first to place the magazine on the shelf at the till. Today, the American media company owns The Star (the most widely distributed magazine), the National Inquirer and Global magazine. Never be ashamed of writing these weeklies. National researchers have an accurate understanding of O.J. Simpson, John Edwards and Tiger Woods predate other media outlets, and mainstream reporters have given credit for this.

Now that you are convinced of the importance of tabloids, get started here. Even if you can get an email, phone, or Twitter address, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, or Brad Pitt are unlikely to be interviewed. Here are five other job application options.

1. A celebrity can sell books in your town, make appearances, make movies or TV shows, go on vacation, or visit friends and family. You don’t have to live in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami to be a celebrity reporter. Not all celebrities live in big cities. Many A-listers have primary or secondary housing in small towns and large cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. As you probably know, Sundance, Utah is home to celebrities from all over the world.

2. It is relatively easy to interview family members, friends, ex-classmates, ex-boyfriends (or girlfriends), teachers, or people related to celebrities. Google and Wikipedia can provide personal resumes. There is always a “remembrance story”.

2. Look for retailers, restaurants, fashion designers, architects or well-known clients. You may find this post helpful for publicity and learn anecdotes about celebrities’ shopping, dining, and nightlife habits.

Office Gossip

Have you ever had a workplace without gossip? of course not. Gossip seems to be the inevitable product of the conversation between connected people. In its broadest sense, gossip is defined as what you say to a person when you are not there. The most notorious (but unfortunately common) form of gossip is malicious. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes gossip can be a positive force. Knowing how to deal with gossip isn’t always easy.

The first rule of gossip is to question everything. Most gossip may have the truth, but things can easily get out of hand and get chaotic. It’s a good idea to make sure what you’ve heard is correct before delivering it. This precaution will help you maintain a good reputation. But don’t forget that gossip tends to spread from one to the other. This biased effect makes gossip difficult to rely on.

Sometimes you want to actively participate in gossip, such as spreading information about success in a recent project. While gossip can be a quick way to communicate, always be careful (even if it’s positive gossip). You never know which details can be added or removed. If you have any questions about this, please do not share the latest tidbits.

If your office is suffering under the rule of a gossip queen (or king), the best solution is to just face the person in person. Don’t be too violent or mean, the irony is to give them an ear so they can say what is actually bothering them. Most gossip is about getting attention, and the crux of the matter is often a deeper problem. Ask your residents what the gossip is about and hope you can get an honest answer. Regardless, it’s worth mentioning the pressure their antics put on you and the office. If the situation doesn’t improve, consider telling someone higher up. Keep in mind that although this message is unlikely to pass the grapevine smoothly. Then, if you choose to do away with gossip, make sure you have the right source and that the rumors are indeed defamatory.

Likewise, if you plan to take cues from Machiavelli and establish your own gossip throne to succeed, remember that it can be very easy to trace the source of everything in a smaller setting (like an office). Once discovered, your colleagues will not only be betrayed and scorned, but severely affected by the law. A defamation lawsuit can be brought against anyone who spreads lies about someone orally, in transcripts, or online.

With a little effort you can also avoid the entire circus completely. To minimize the gossip you hear, try listening to music at your desk (the volume without interference should be low enough so that you can still hear the phone ringing). You may also want to try to end some of the rumors you are hearing. If someone objects to a colleague, openly raise questions and concerns. Remember that there is a difference between all negative gossip and the general social sphere of office; avoiding the former does not mean excluding yourself from the latter.

Are You A Gossiper?

I am surrounded by people who seem to gossip and / or complain a lot at work. If I don’t participate, I feel like an outsider. When I was involved I didn’t feel good about myself. What should I do to avoid getting stuck in the middle?

This is a good question! I suspect that many of my readers have experienced this situation not only at work, but with their family or friends as well. Talking about cows and calves are very similar, but I decided to divide my answer into two parts instead of combining them into one. In this article, I discuss the impact of small talk and how to stop participating. In my next article I will discuss complaints, why they are disturbing and how habits can be broken to make life more fulfilling.


Talking to others is easy and relaxing. Participating in a conversation about another person with others can make us feel like we belong. This can be a powerful force that attracts our participation.

Gossip can be used in an unconscious way, carelessly injecting a sense of humor into discussions with others. Or it can be done knowingly with malicious and destructive intent. Either way, it not only weakens the ability of the person being talked about, but also weakens its toxicity, and it is also harmful to those involved in gossip.

If you participate in gossip, please do not persuade yourself for a moment to believe that the topic of conversation will not know that you are unkind to her. She may not know the exact words in the conversation, but she will feel the negative energy pouring out of each participant. Maybe you can remember the times when you chatted with others and then felt embarrassed or embarrassed. You may not be able to see the other person’s eyes and intentionally avoid the other for the next few days. It feels bad, doesn’t it?

Text is the most powerful tool we have. Words can be used to weaken a person’s self-esteem, make them feel unworthy, or question their ability to succeed. We can tear or build others with our words. With our words, we can inspire someone to transcend their limitations, overcome obstacles and excuses that they have imposed themselves. Spending time looking for something great in another and sharing our observations with that person will help them build confidence and feel good. In the process of elevating others, we also elevate ourselves and strengthen our sense of who we are.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I care about her, but …” and they start flattering that person for a long time without compensation? Usually such comments come from people who subconsciously participate in gossip because she has a deep need to belong to this group. Her insecurities overwhelmed her basic kindness to the person in question.

So what’s the fix? I think this solution will make more sense if we understand people’s gossip. Let’s take a look at two different forms of gossip.

The most common form of cows and calves is unconsciousness. You don’t have to think about it, it happens almost automatically. The loud jokes that everyone makes fun of, and the women who always get along with others seem to put it all together. However, letting go of the needs of others indicates low self-esteem, jealousy and the need to hide someone’s shortcomings. Clarifying the flaws in others gives the gossip a false sense of superiority that temporarily pushes their own despicable feelings to the corner of their thinking, where they may be ignored for a while.

The second type of gossip stems from anger, feelings of suffering, or the need for revenge. An example of this deliberate attempt to discredit or harm others is when someone makes cruel, crude comments about someone who has been promoted at work. Otherwise, you may be angry with family members who aren’t following the actions they think the person should take. This chatter doesn’t talk directly to the person who is unhappy, nor does he talk to the boss about why he wasn’t selected for the job, but talks to everyone. They will listen to others who are looking for others to prove her anger and behave. Recharge her feelings. resentment.

Both types of gossip are destructive and unfriendly. To stop gossip, or at least our own participation in gossip, we must make a conscious decision not to hurt or harm anyone. If you find yourself easily caught up in unkind conversations with other people, realize that your actions are the first step to breaking the habit every day. When gossiping about someone, think about what you have done to that person and ask yourself if it is in line with your personal values. What do you think of yourself after the gossip meeting? Is this how you want to think about yourself?

The second step to ending gossip is to become self-aware, understand yourself, know how valuable you are, and love and respect yourself. Of course, when we cherish and respect our innermost person, we choose not to participate in anything that weakens us in any way. If we have a solid sense of self, if the sense of belonging requires that we sell ourselves or another person, then we don’t have to belong to a group.

It is impossible to feel loving or caring for others and gossip about them at the same time. It’s impossible to have a real sense of self-acceptance and feel good about gossiping. It is your choice, your language can create a beautiful world for yourself and others, or your language can create a world full of pain, jealousy, sadness, mistrust and anger. Which one do you choose?

Where is life worse than the best? Linda helps women to reshape the old self-destructive mindset so that they spend less on relationships, career, health, or any other aspect of life.

Gossip By Association

I was once an appendage to crime. This is not an illegal crime, but a crime of fair and fair competition. I’ll do my best never to happen again.

Let me reconstruct the crime scene for you.

Years ago I sat at a sports activity for our children next to other parents and watched our boys become men on the sports field. To my left is the father of a teammate of my son. He is one of those very active dads and is always there to encourage the kids no matter what sport they are doing now. At first glance, he looks like a super dad. He is also a huge gossip.

As the game progresses (sometimes like a game played by a child), the little conversations between parents eventually diminish gradually. Without further ado, this is prime time for the podium. The warm-up is over and it’s time to start with the real grime.

This special gossip gathering began with “You know her …” and then outlined some of the strange habits of one of the other parents. The subject of gossip is an interesting character, of course, and I’ve wanted to know some of her behaviors more than once. What I have to mention is that the topic of gossip is actually helping the kids, so she’s close but can’t hear her.

The chattering father continued to laugh, mocking the weird mother and telling secondhand stories about her antics. Although several parents are listening, I am the one sitting next to the gossip. That’s why I smiled politely, even some stranger stories. I also silently reminded myself that I should never tell this person anything personal about me, my wife, or my family.

It is important to note that I did not say anything. In fact, I did my best to look at the game and didn’t say anything because it was simple and straightforward gossip, and I really didn’t want to connect to it. I certainly do not want to cheer by actively promoting dialogue.

His phone rang. His wife could of course not participate in the competition that day, but he wanted to see how it went. Then this happened:

“Mark and I were just sitting here talking (crazy mother lady. You know her …”) and he immediately started a replay of the live broadcast and gossip we had just received.

what? ? ? ? ? “Mark and Me”? ? ? When will it really become WE? I’m just sitting there! I didn’t even participate! ! ! ! Am I all of a sudden his Butch Cassidy’s Sundance boy?

My head started to spin. I feel sick in my stomach. To be fair, I think I was looking around for a blunt weapon to attack him. It’s hard to remember, I’m in a daze. If I feel violated, I will.

I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. Why would he do that? I’m not just chatting. I said nothing. As I searched for answers, I tried him, sentenced him, and sentenced him to an imaginary life sentence for covering his mouth with tape. I feel very good about this.

Until I realized I was guilty. Maybe more inside than his. I have committed the crime of “gossip”.

You know, I heard what he said and immediately recognized it as gossip, but I didn’t do anything disgusting about it. My polite smile and YES sparked the fire because they agreed with what he did. I pretended my relative estrangement had pulled me out of his gossip bubble. Regardless of the level of participation, I didn’t realize that my proximity made me an accomplice. And the person sitting next to him? This clearly makes me a partner in crime.

Sometimes life is taught in the most unexpected way.

Gossip is a second-hand story told through first-class bones.

Gossiping is like addiction. Gossip didn’t even think about it. This is natural for them. It gave them temporary happiness. This makes them feel important. They urgently need verification so they want a little bit of recognition. Nod, smile and come to an agreement. If you join in and join the gossip, they will be almost ecstatic because you make them feel like they are good.

I just came up with three ways to stop gossiping, or at least keep myself away, so I’m not the gossip type.

Stay away from gossip. I mean to remove myself from the scene as soon as possible. If you need to, check your watch and say, “Oh, I want to communicate with someone else where to go now.” Then quickly go away, don’t look back, and look for other places, other places.
Change the subject. This may work, but unfortunately this is a temporary solution. Gossiping is a tough habit to break. If you’re not very good at changing the theme, suggest the following: “Look, your son can hit the ball!” This only applies to baseball games. “Hey, your son is grafting