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In Mathematics we find equations, a form of algebraic expression, that is, those that use numbers and letters to find solutions to problems in which one or more elements are unknown. As something so important, it is conceivable that the equations have had an immense impact on our lives.

1. Pythagoras: from pyramids to modern architecture

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Pythagoras was a mathematical genius and responsible for creating one of the most used equations. Even without full consciousness, the Egyptians used the equation of the theorem in the construction of the pyramids. Nowadays, architecture and engineering hardly take a step without using this age-old equation.

2. Einstein’s famous equation and the 2nd World War

E=m.c2 is certainly the most famous mathematical equation in history. Among mathematicians and physicists, it is considered a simple equation, but it was fundamental in the creation of the atomic bomb. Scientists from the US government’s Manhattan Project used the equation in the elaboration of the Hiroshima and Nakasaki bombs during World War II.

3. Did an apple take man to space?

That man is Isaac Newton, an English physicist and mathematician who developed many equations, including the fundamental principle of dynamics, expressed by the equation f=ma, according to which the resultant force acting on a body is equal to the product of its mass and its acceleration. .
Have you ever seen illustrations and pictures of a man sitting at the foot of a tree while an apple falls on his head?

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